Nina Fox was a young vixen who visited my garden during a time of great change in my life. I was mesmerized by her and watched her for months and learnt how she approached humans, when she ate, how she went from a cub to adult cycles in her sleeping times, and how she knew it was time to go into the 'big-wide-world' that waited for her. The fox is a very powerful animal totem. The fox represents older women, sexuality but most of all she is a shape-shifter - adapting herself to her environment for maximum effect. She gave me the idea of moving from academic life to holistic healing. It is only fitting that my business is named after her. 


Nina Fox Qualifications

1st class degree in Psychology & Health Sciences, B.Sc.(Hons)

Postgraduate Cert Teaching

Dip Counselling - Ecotherapist

Pet Bereavement Therapist


I am a well-known dream expert and have been commissioned to write 2 books. My research is published in peer-review journals. I  served as a Director of the Board for The International Association for the Study of Dreams based in the USA. I have 20 years experience as a Senior Lecturer at a UK-based University.



I currently live in the Welsh valleys and love the rugged landscape and its wildlife. I am a Mother, Grandmother and BIG animal lover. I started to foster Romanian kill shelter dogs 18 months after my 4-year-old Husk-a-Mute, Gabriel died. I have two of these dogs that I  adopted. We are pretty much inseparable. I love my life and make the best of each day by staying close to the power of Mother Earth and all her magic. I would never suggest anything to you that I am not prepared to do myself. 

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My Approach

I'm a psychologist and a holistic healer who believes that Mother Nature provides healing for the body and soul. I have been able to marry my academic knowledge with my spiritual life to bring you healing with Nina Fox. I  support working with traditional medical experts as well as using holistic medicine. These two approaches to health are not mutually exclusive. 

Mission Statement

Nina Fox's Holistic Healing seeks to bring quality products to You in an affordable and professional way. I value individuality, equality and personal choice. I celebrate your inner knowledge and will help you to connect with it more meaningfully to enhance your well-being, and help you find your soul's purpose. I know the questions that will help you to find your way in this world.