I offer a range of services but also sell products that will help with healing & development on the shop page of this site. These includen jewellery, crystals and aromatherapy to assist healing emotionally, spiritually and physically. I facilitate workshops in the Welsh mountains to help enhance your life. No issue is too big or too small.  Contact Nina for your own personal plan of action. All my services are available online and face-to-face. Please have a look below to see the services I offer. My prices are very reasonable. Contact me for further information at

Therapy Services

- One-to-One Ecotherapy

-Therapy for Adults

Pet Bereavement Counselling

- Coping with chronic illness

- Positive Psychology

- Group EcoTherapy


Connecting with nature

- Anxiety management

Assertiveness Skills


Goal setting

Women's issues

Grieving the loss of an animal companion

Soul Work

- Finding your path to happiness

- Connecting with nature

- Identifying blocks to a meaningful spiritual connection

-Crystal Workshops

- Alienation from self & reconnection

- Dreamwork courses

- Holistic healing for the Soul

Quiet Forest
Tutoring & Education

- Working with both Individuals & groups

- GCSE to Postgraduate studies

- Time management
- Research, Design & Methods
- Dissertation support
- Any other learning-based issue(s)


- Education and empowerment

- Using Positive Psychology in Nature
- Develop techniques for enhanced well-being
- Meditation & relaxation
- Meeting your 'Wild' Self

- Reconnection with Nature

Articles & Resources